Something New in Lou(isville)

So I decided to venture to up to Louisville this weekend. Kind of funny how it happened. Was speaking to a good friend of mine on the phone, trying to cope with my hangover, and mentioned that a change of scenery was needed. She offered that I come up there to go out with her to this bar called "Fuzion," so I did. I had a blast! I didn't pay for a single drink and met some pretty cool people. I also got to see an old friend, which was really nice; refreshing to get to just hang out and spend some time with him.

Today we went to this Indian cuisine restaurant for the sunday buffet and met up with two other friends of mine that I haven't seen in a long time.

Not really too much to write about. I'm so wore out after these past few night of getting wild and I cant really produce anything too entertaining right now. I'm sure it'll come later though.


Lady GaGa - Just Dance

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