Viva La Vida en Nashville

This weekend was absolutely fantastic. Friday night, my roommate, Brent, and I went out in Lexington and then ended up at this bar called 'Bang' by the end of the night. We ended up having all of our drinks comp'ed and several shots bought for us. Someone bought me a 'liquid cocaine' and I couldn't finish it, so I gave half of it to Brent. Without much suprise, that shot sent us over the edge. The next thing everyone knows, Brent and I had scaled a pool table and decided it would be a good idea to dance on it. We got yelled at shortly afterwards - hahaha. So we had one more drink and ended up leaving and coming home to crash.

The next day(well, later that morning heh) Brent and I woke up and went to breakfast and our other friend Josh gave us a call saying that he was going to Nashville and he invited us to go with. Well, considering Nashville is by far my favorite city that I've ever visited, I couldn't say no. So we ended up driving to Nashville at around 1:30p and arrived there around 4:00. We checked into our hotel(this place was amazing) which ended up having a sectional as you first walk in and was conveniently located in the same section as the minibar. Then, there was a flat screen, plasma television mounted on the wall that could have basically taken over the world due mainly to it's size. Finally, the beds were amazing and the sheets/comforter were obviously brand new. In other words, our hotel room was the deal. So we all get there and unpack what few things we did and went to this vegetarian cafe, which was alright...however, their fried green tomatoes were to DIE for.

After grabbing a bite to eat, we ended up visiting this 'Tomato Festival'. It was pretty cool - they had live music and a punk/ska band was playing a rendition of 'Gwen Stefani - Holla Back Girl', which tickled my fancy. They also had a lot of, well, tomato merchandise and items. Candles, t-shirts, soap, trinkets, etc. They also were selling Bloody Mary's but we decided to pass on those. After that, we walked back to our car and ended up going back to our hotel room to get ready.

After showering and getting ourselves dressed we had Josh drop us off in downtown Nashville and then Brent and I went out to this place called "Tribe" to have a drink. I had a gin martini and he had a vodka martini. They were suprisingly pretty good considering mine was simply straight gin - literally. After we finished our drink, we went nextdoor to this club called "Play(wow, is all I can say about this place)." Lol, there, we started off with a RedBull and vodka then proceeded to watch a couple performances(some of which were a joke, but then others were pretty good). Following our first drink, we went to use the restroom. Which is, apparently, a unisex bathroom facility. Then we grabbed another drink(Rum and diet to be exact) and went to the dancefloor to get loose. Well, that didn't last very long due to not having enough to drink so we stepped outside in the smoker's lounge/patio/whatever-you-want-to-call-it. There, we met the coolest people! We met an artist, three younger guys from Birmingham who declared that I was their dream guy wrapped up and put infront of them(yeah, right!), and then a radio-personality from Nashville - who was kind of...different? Anywho, we went back in and finished our drinks and went to get another one - this time, an L.I.T. and that basically is what put us over the edge. Next thing you know, Brent and I went out to the dancefloor and were, basically, working it out. At that point, we didn't care who was watching - we were having a blast. Then, a gentlemen approaches me while Brent steps outside to speak with a guy he had met earlier that night. I introduced myself and he did the same, then offered to buy me a drink - which, of course, I couldn't turn down. So we made our way to the bar in the dancefloor area and Brent joined us. The guy even offered Brent a drink! Which was awesome of him(making a good first impression with my friends is critical, by the way). Afterwards, we ended up leaving Play and going to this afterhours bar called "The Tin Roof" somewhere in downtown Nashville(I was lost at this point hah) and had a few drinks there. We wrapped up the night after that and headed to our respective beds.

The next morning, we woke up and got everything packed to leave the hotel. Starting off, we went to the Gaylord Hotel in Opryland and walked around the atrium inside. We ended up going to a vegetarian indian cuisine place on the bottom level of this hotel after Opryland. It was, well, horrible - except for this potato and onion wrap-type of deal they had. And their dessert was pretty good as well. After that, we went to the Parthenon and toured the inside of it. We got to see the larger than life Athena statue inside(kind of creeped me out if you want to know the truth). After that, we went to Dairy Queen and had some icecream(well, Josh did) and rendevoued with Brent shortly after that. We decided to head home after that...we were all pretty drained. Me, being the most tired, had to drive back to Lexington being hungover and only 3-4 hours of sleep - it was horrible and I almost fell asleep several times. Thankfully, Josh's boyfriend was sitting shotgun.

So yeah, to say the least, I had a BLAST this weekend in Nashville. I'm actually looking to transfer schools to down there. I've visited the city several times and each time I'm amazed at how much fun I have down there.

Alright..I'm off to go eat - starved.

Coldplay - Lovers in Japan

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