My apogee at Magee's

So I took a walk down the block to Magee's bakery and am enjoying their WiFi...and a buttercream pasty : Can't help it - they're amazing.

Today has been great! :] I woke up at around 10:30 this morning and came back from Richmond then had a bite to eat for breakfast. Shortly after, Brent came home for lunch and did his thing while I cleaned my room up and picked up around the apartment(wasn't too much to do). Following that, I showered and then got dressed and here I am at Magee's :]

This place is off the hook! It's on the corner of E.Main and S. Ashland. They have all kinds of danishes, cakes, cookies and they're ALL homemade. They also serve food but you know what I say - life is short, eat dessert first! They also provide free wireless and what's better than blogging at your local bakery while stuffing your face with, basically, pure sugar, cream and butter? That's right - Nothing.

So I really need to go purchase my books, but I cant find the motivation. Not to mention I'm kind of tired now after that buttercream thing.

I'm really stoked about the rest of this month. I've got things planned for every weekend and then to top it all off, school starts at the end of this month :] I have dinner at Bonefish for a good friend of mine's birthday planned next week, then that same weekend a 'White Party' to attend( still need to go get something for that...lol ) theeenn the next weekend I'm supposed to be going up to Dayton(these nights never end without a bang haha) with Jerrad and Ryan and then school starts the next week(I'm sure there will be other poppin' nights through that time period but that's all that I actually have planned.)! So pumped :]

Well, I guess I'm going to go back to the apartment and get my class list and take it to the bookstore...as much as I dont WANT to, I NEED to :[

Brent and I are going 'Booshie Bar-hopping' tonight. It should be fun. It's basically where you go to all the shittiest bars and get ripsy-tipsy at them. Should be fun times.


Lady GaGa - Just Dance

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