Why do I do this to myself?

Chriiiiiist I should not have drank before I went out to drink last night(go on and admit you laughed at that. ...Thanks). I had a good time last night for the most part. I went over to Jerrad's at around 6:40 and we ran to LiqourBarn(our first mistake) and got some of the usual supplies: Jagermeister, Vodka, Wine and some pasta salad. Then we ran back to my place so I could get a change of clothes, went back to his and fixed some shrimp scampi for our pasta salad and watched some Alias on DVD - which I am now HOOKED on(thanks Jerrad). Afterwards we cracked open the goodies and I indulged in:

2 Glasses of Wine
2 Vodka Sours(and if you know me, I put more liqour than mixer in my drinks)
and finished up with 6-7 'Jager-bombs'

Following that, we walked downtown to this joint called 'Mia's' and I had two more overly-potent drinks in the process of..well, I dont really remember how long we were there to be honest with you. We then proceeded to go back to Jerrad's and I made the horrible mistake of chain smoking cigarettes and drunk dialing...the ladder being the one that I actually feel bad about today. Everything is a blur after that.

I woke up this morning to me laying on Jerrad's couch and him getting ready for work. He didn't look very happy :( And now I'm home..here - blogging and starving. Going to go eat now.

On a lighter note, I'm glad I drove home last night. Because I was way too drunk to walk..hahaha.

The Waitresses - I Know What Boys Like

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