Where is the love?

So today I stopped at McDonalds for a greasy treat. While eating, I noticed an elderly couple sitting diagonally from me in complete silence. They made glances at me and they were exchanged. I continued to eat when, out of nowhere, the wife(or I assume they were married) asked the husband if he was ready to go in a very malicious tone. So, I glanced and raised a brow at the lady but continued to eat and try to mind my own business. The husband was non-responsive and seemed to be suffering from a mild case of Dimentia and/or Alzheimers. After several seconds the wife demanded that the husband get up and go or else she would assist him. He remained seated and she approached him and grabbed his arm then proceeded to yank him up from his seat. The man was already frail enough, so I couldn't imagine that her pulling at him felt anything short of painful. Finally he stood and they began to walk when he immediately stopped and looked at her feet in awe. She called him "gawky" and explained that it was only her nail polish(which, I wont lie...was kind of poppin). She continued to drag him out as I watched in awe at how two people who could stand the test of time would interract the way they did.

Seeing those two reminded me of how grateful I should be that I'm alive and have someone that, so far, seems great in my life. I wish more people could just admire what they have instead of loathing over what they don't.


Coldplay - Lovers in Japan

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